Why H.E.R?

H.E.R Logistix Solutions focuses on three external service areas in freight brokering: communication, commitment to safety, and time management.


Shipping is challenging work; however, we go to the extra mile to make it a smooth experience for all involved; shipper>broker>carrier>receiving. This starts with communication from the office to every single aspect of our company. That way, we stay committed to getting the job done effectively and efficiently and both the shipping client and contracted carriers have the best work experience with our company.


Smooth shipping is safe shipping in our eyes. We focus on safety just as equally as we focus on efficiency. At HLS, safety is one of our top priorities. If you cannot get your shipments around the world safely, then it does not matter how fast you get them there.


Last, but not least, is time management. One of the worst things you can do is to fall flat on commitments that you make on time. Missed deadlines, delays, and other scheduling conflicts are all just a part of the shipping process. However, with more than a decade of experience in this industry, we have become aware of the many pitfalls of poor time management. We have actively set in place systems that allow us to manage the countless freight that HLS has brokered to be transported and delivered across North America. One of the most important, is choosing the right carrier to deliver your freight safely and on time.




Time Management

H.E.R. Logistix Solutions saves our partners time and resources by coordinating seamless deliveries every shipment.


With dedicated 24/7/365 customer service and detailed freight tracking information, regardless of the size of your cargo


Affective Commitment

Continuance Commitment

Organizational Commitment

Our Values

  • QualityWe listen and respond to the needs of our partners and we are committed to continuous improvement.
  • TrustWe believe trust is essential for successful partnerships. We strive to build trust with every interaction.
  • InnovationWe aim to create innovative solutions for our partners while setting the standard for the logistics and transportation industry.

H.E.R. Logistix Solutions, LLC is well positioned to provide you with a logistics solution that will maximize all the components of your supply chain into one cohesive unit. We will further add value by keeping you informed about your shipment status and serve as the central point for all supply chain

Every day, millions of packages and pieces of freight are shipped across the country – but only one is important: Yours.

As the daily demands of business and pace of competition continue increasing, you need a logistics partner who can keep up. The answer is H.E.R. Logistix Solutions, LLC.

Partner with us and lets us drive your growth